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Leon Kaye wrote the text. For millions of people throughout the world, getting a cup of java to go is part of their regular morning routine. Disposable cups, made popular by businesses like Starbucks, are a concern with takeaway coffee.

Australia is testing a program for recycling single-use coffee cups

Many coffee shops like Starbucks have refused for years to take responsibility for the problem


The company claims that the patchwork of recycling programs from different towns and states is to blame.

However, a British startup claims to have a solution to the problem of single-use coffee cups. Its trash diversion products may be the answer after a successful trial in Australia. The paper-plastic mix is still used in Simply Cups' single-use cup. With one exception: the manufacturer claims to have two ways of dealing with these soiled cups. You have two options:

  • extract the paper fiber from the polyethylene lining;

  • convert the entire cup into a polymer for use in trays and coasters.


Customers and companies can participate

In a closed-loop system with the help of Simply Cups' used cup collection service. An Australian closed loop technology, according to Eco-Business in Singapore, may be scalable if the results of a four-week pilot experiment are any indication. Closed Loop Environmental Solutions, a Melbourne-based waste management firm, led the initiative, which included placing special bins for collecting old coffee cups in three major Australian cities. Over 12,000 coffee cups were collected as a result of the campaign. For the time being, the pitched cups will be on display to help spread the word about the need of

  • recycling

  • waste reduction.

Closed Loop's staff

As time goes on, Closed Loop's staff will work with city officials to determine whether a specialized recycling facility is economically feasible. When offered a dedicated bin for discarded coffee cups, customers are willing to participate in a zero-waste system, according to Closed Loop.

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With assistance from Adele Peters 4 minutes are allotted. Read Starbucks delivered 18 semi-trucks' worth of used paper cups to a Wisconsin paper mill earlier this year to make a point: Paper coffee cups, unlike popular belief, can be recycled at a reasonable cost.

Coffee cups aren't accepted in recycling in many places.

There's now concrete evidence to support this claim.

Overstock cups from the coffee chain went to the mill, saving landfill space. The mill processed 25 million cups in total. After that, the recycled fiber was delivered to another company, who used it to make new Starbucks cups out of paperboard.

Saving landfill space

Overstock cups from the coffee chain went to the mill